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As many as 50 percent of women will find themselves crossing their knees when they laugh, frequently seeking out the bathroom, or avoiding social situations for fear of experiencing urinary incontinence in public.
For 5 months Dean experienced pain like a “toothache,” a dull, constant pain on his left side. He felt tingling, numbness, and a buzzing sensation. Then, he came to Saint Luke's, and it all changed.
The flu season is right around the corner and with last year's high-severity season, Saint Luke's Primary Care physician, Dr.
Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital is recognized for its commitment to improving quality of life through enhanced standards of care.
A new landmark study shows social sport can help your longevity. “Raising your heart rate is important” for health, Dr. James O'Keefe says. “But it looks like connecting with other people is, too.”
A new landmark study evaluated the different improvements in life expectancy associated with participation in various sports.
Game-changing research shows the best types of exercise for improving life expectancy.
Move consolidates leadership of Saint Luke’s northern Missouri market.
Two Kansas City-area sorority sisters now share a bond they never expected. And it all started with a secret. One of them was holding on to news that would change both of their lives.
Dr. James O'Keefe did a TEDxRNCM Talk on his new landmark research about how exercise can help your longevity.