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Keely Bechtel hoped history would repeat itself. She had her first baby at Saint Luke’s South Hospital and planned to do the same with her second. But her obstetrician moved to another area hospital.
Researchers at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute asked the question whether prospectively determining and informing physicians of an individual patient’s bleeding risk would increase the proper application of bleeding avoidance strategies and result in reduced odds of bleeding.
Every second of a stroke kills 32,000 brain cells. Pete Woods knew that as he dropped to the ground while playing golf on the course alone.
Studies show that breast milk purchased online is not as healthy as milk available from Saint Luke's Heart of America Mother's
Update from Saint Luke's Foundation
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Beginning Monday, if you have a stroke in Missouri, the ambulance may not take you to the closest hospital.
Missouri Time Critical Diagnosis law is first in U.S. to designate hospitals where stroke patients must be taken by emergency personnel
Saint Luke's Hospital patient Sallie Wickens knows the joy of hearing the miraculous words: "you are cured!" After 55 years of battling Hepatitis C, new drug therapies available at Saint Luke's bro
24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds. But let's break down one day a little differently: