Fundraising for Saint Luke’s

A third-party event or campaign is a fundraising effort managed independently by individuals, families, or organizations to benefit Saint Luke's Health System. Saint Luke's Foundation is grateful for those who wish to organize a third-party fundraising event on our behalf. These efforts, and the funds they raise, are instrumental in helping us continue to conduct lifesaving research and deliver exceptional care to our community.


When planning a third-party fundraising event, there are guidelines to consider. Please read all of the guidelines below before completing an application.

General guidelines
  • Third-party fundraisers which benefit Saint Luke’s must positively reflect the mission of the Foundation and Saint Luke’s. The Foundation reserves the right to decline any fundraising proposal that is not in line with our mission.
  • Third-party fundraisers are solely responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance, and necessary permits for the event. The Foundation will not assume any legal or financial liability for a third-party event. All contracts between the third-party fundraiser and vendor or other party will contain the following acknowledgement: “The parties acknowledge and agree that [name of third-party fundraiser] is not acting at the direction or on behalf of Saint Luke’s Foundation or any other individual or entity within Saint Luke’s Health System. The parties acknowledge and agree that neither Saint Luke’s Foundation nor any other individual or entity within Saint Luke’s Health System will be liable for any claims raised by the parties or any third party in connection with this Agreement.”
  • The Foundation reserves the right to approve any co-beneficiaries.
  • Third-party fundraising events must be fully executed by the third-party fundraisers. Foundation staff may be available to offer guidance and recommendations only.
  • All third-party fundraising event promotions should reflect Saint Luke’s as the beneficiary of the event, and indicate that Saint Luke’s is not conducting the event.
  • Funds collected during a third-party fundraiser that are intended for a particular entity and/or program or fund must be clearly documented in writing and approved by the Foundation before an event.
  • Please note that raffles, drawings, and other games of chance are governed by a variety of state municipal and federal laws. If you are holding a raffle, drawing, or other game of chance at your event, please be aware that such an activity may require special permits. Extra time may be needed for these to be obtained.
  • Third-party fundraiser will not make any representation to any donors, participants, or any other persons or party that the third-party fundraiser is acting at the direction or on behalf of Saint Luke’s.
Financial and charitable giving guidelines
  • Third-party fundraising events must be fully funded by the third-party fundraisers; the Foundation will not financially contribute or assume any financial risk for the event.
  • All event expenses should be paid before the proceeds are given to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation’s tax-exempt certificate may not be used by the third-party to purchase items and materials with which to conduct the fundraising event.
  • Third-party fundraising events must fully state the portion of the proceeds which will be donated to Saint Luke’s in all advertising and promotional collaterals and during all communications with donors, sponsors, and participants.
  • The Foundation cannot issue written acknowledgements (charitable tax receipts) for donors or sponsors who make payments directly to the third-party event. Written acknowledgements for donations will be provided for checks made payable to the Foundation and cash donations clearly labeled with donor information. Since the Foundation is not a sponsor of the event, a statement of goods or services provided in return is not necessary.
  • A donation solicited on behalf of the Foundation or Saint Luke’s is fully tax deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to the Foundation or Saint Luke’s.
Marketing and promotions guidelines
  • Neither the Foundation nor Saint Luke’s are a sponsor of third-party fundraising events. All printed and electronic materials and communications should indicate that the fundraiser is being carried out by parties that are not affiliated with the Foundation or Saint Luke’s, and that the third-party fundraisers are not acting at the direction of, or authorized to act on behalf of the Foundation or Saint Luke’s.
  • Promotional and event materials should not refer to monetary payments as “charitable contributions,” “donations,” or “tax-deductible contributions.” (If the third-party organization is not a 501(c)(3) organization, the IRS does not consider payments to be tax-deductible even though the ultimate beneficiary may be a charitable organization. The following wording is suggested: Net proceeds from this event will benefit the program at (entity name).
  • All promotional materials used for a third-party fundraising event must be reviewed and approved by the Foundation or Saint Luke’s Marketing & Communications department prior to distribution (fliers, tickets, posters, social media posts, etc.)
  • All references to the Foundation and/or Saint Luke’s should state Saint Luke’s Foundation or Saint Luke’s Health System; with Saint always spelled out.
  • Saint Luke’s logos will not be provided and will not be permitted for use in third-party fundraising efforts.
  • The Foundation and Saint Luke’s may, but are not obligated to, publicly acknowledge third-party fundraising efforts.

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Get started

If you wish to organize a third-party fundraising event, please complete the below proposal form. A member of the Foundation will contact you within five business days with more details and next steps.

If the vision for your event does not fit the guidelines below, please contact the Foundation to discuss your event. Email or call 816-932-2252.