Resident Spotlight
Delphus Eichman

This month we would like to introduce our newest resident to Residential Living Center, Delphus Eichman.

Delphus (DC) Eichman has lived at the Saint Luke’s Residential Living Center since the fall of 2005. He was born at home in Coffey County north of Westphalia, the first of five boys. The family lived in Missouri for a while, then before the birth of the last son they had a baby girl named Janelle Marie. She passed away at nine months old. The family wanted to bury her in Kansas, so they brought her little casket in the back seat of the car with the boys sitting on it. She is buried at the Bethel Cemetery in Anderson County. 

DC married his bride, Betty, in 1956 and they are faithful members of the Old German Baptist Church. She lived in Pratt and he lived in Missouri when they met. Betty recalls that as a teenager he had the nick name “Fido.” He had a motorcycle at the time, and they met playing badminton. Betty wondered why her little “birdie” kept going to him!

DC has always been a man of many talents. When he and Betty first got married, he ran a bulldozer. Later on, he took over his dad’s sawmill business and was also an electrician and a plumber. Betty also remarked that he was known for the beautiful work he performed making suits for men. DC taught himself to make suits by taking one apart and using it for a pattern. He also drove a truck for a while and Betty went with him once to New York City! She wasn’t really impressed with the big city.

DC liked to talk a lot about his love of fishing. Many good memories were made.

DC and Betty had six children. A daughter passed away in 1993 due to cancer. 

We are happy that DC calls the Residential Living Center his home!

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