Resident Spotlight
Kathy Wickham

This month we would like to introduce current Residential Living Center resident, Kathy Wickham.

Katherine Cammack was born in Buffalo, South Dakota and was one of nine children. Her Dad ran the newspaper for the town, and he was referred to as the “old ink slinger!” The newspaper was printed once a week where the family set the prints by hand. She states, “there was ink everywhere!” Kathy and her siblings spent some nights on the floor behind the counter as her parents worked on the paper. Her brother took over the newspaper in later years and relocated operations to Idaho.

Kathy married Donald “Sonny” Wickham after she finished high school. Kathy stayed busy as a homemaker and raising their four children while Sonny worked construction after his time in the Army.

Kathy is happy to call RLC home and Sonny makes frequent visits in his golf cart!