Resident Spotlight
Lois Kipper

This month we would like to introduce Residential Living Center resident, Lois Kipper.

Lois Figg Kipper was the third of nine children born to Bill and Geraldine Figg on January 20, 1929 in Bedford, Missouri.

At the age of two or three years of age, she spent the day with her dad’s sister, Aunt Daisy, and her Uncle Glen in Wheeling, Missouri. Her aunt and uncle didn’t have children of their own and, when Lois’s family came to pick her up, they agreed to let Lois stay indefinitely. It was only six miles from her home and she saw her parents often. Her aunt and uncle wanted to adopt Lois but her dad said, “she was born a Figg and she will stay a Figg.” Her aunt had a love of sewing she passed on to Lois. When Lois was a teenager her aunt and uncle finally had a son, Tommy. Lois and Tommy were always great friends.

Lois graduated from high school in Wheeler and has wonderful memories of being on the women’s basketball team—at the time all games were played outside.

After high school, she moved to Kansas City and shared an apartment with her sister, Frances. She found a job working as a secretary for an insurance company. Lois’ sister worked with a girl named Imelda and it was through fate of visiting Frances’ coworker at the hospital, in recovery, where Lois met Imelda’s uncle, Raymond Kipper. They hit it off and were married December 27, 1947.

They lived in Kansas City, Missouri, and had five children. Lois worked in a grocery store for many years and recalls how things have changed. Sadly, Raymond and Lois lost their oldest son at the age of 60 to cancer. Lois often states how proud she is of her children and how well they all get along. 

Raymond was born and raised at Scipio where he was the youngest of nine children. Upon retirement, they moved to a farm close to Richmond and Scipio. It soon became a popular place to gather for 4th of July parties as well as other family get-togethers.

They enjoyed playing pitch with neighbors and Lois made many quilts. Raymond and Lois enjoyed visiting their daughter and Navy son-in-law at the many places he was stationed. Lois still plays a serious game of Scrabble.

We are happy Lois calls Residential Living Center her home!