Resident Spotlight
Lily Wilcox

This month we would like to introduce Residential Living Center resident, Lily Wilcox.

Lillian Nadine Tucker Wilcox was born the third of six children on a farm near Eskridge, Kansas. Virgil and Katherine Tucker welcomed her into the world on June 6, 1933. At the age of two, her family moved to a farm near Kincaid, Kansas. Her mother was from Wyoming, attended nursing school in Colorado Springs, and was able to work as a nurse for a while before starting a family.

Lillian has fond memories of milking cows and helping on the farm with her siblings. She enjoyed riding horses with her siblings, but by the time they got the horses caught it was too late to ride them.

Lillian graduated from high school in Kincaid and attended college in Pittsburg, Kansas. In high school she was a cheerleader and, while cheering at a basketball game, she met a very handsome guy named Walt Wilcox. They dated for about three years and eventually married in 1954.

While a freshman in high school, Lillian won amateur yodeling contests. She says that she yodeled her way through college! She also sang at funerals to earn money.

Lillian worked at the Garnett ASCS office for 35 years and traveled often training new employees.

Walt and Lillian never had children of their own, but she has three wonderful nieces. Lillian loves to play cards and at one time she was in three bridge clubs.

We are so happy Lily calls Residential Living Center her home.