LIFEWISE Health Enhancement Coordinators

We’ve been in the business of providing health and wellness solutions to companies for more than 30 years, and we understand the critical importance of a healthy workforce and happy and productive employees. With Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE™ Health Enhancement Coordinator (HEC) services, we partner with employers to improve employee health and well-being.

HECs are wellness professionals certified in health coaching and dedicated to working with your organization. As a central part of LIFEWISE, they understand wellness at both the strategic level and the employee level. HECs work on-site with your organization to help identify and implement the most effective solutions for addressing specific population needs.

The Health Enhancement Coordinator works in partnership with you as the employer, your human resources and benefits representatives, and your broker and carrier.

While we work constantly to meet employers’ changing needs, our objectives remain consistent:

  • To find the best possible solutions for managing health risks through proven interventions and strategies
  • To improve employee health as a means to reduce or eliminate unnecessary utilization of expensive health care services
  • To demonstrate results tailored to the client’s goals by providing the most cost-effective and highest quality services and programs

About Health Enhancement Coordinators

Dedicated Health Enhancement Coordinators are Saint Luke’s Health System employees contracted to work on-site with your organization to help you meet well-being goals. They collaborate with your management or internal wellness champions to define and achieve objectives.

HEC services

HECs can provide services including:

  • Strategic planning and consultation
  • Health risk appraisal (HRA) and biometric screening coordination
  • Incentive plan design, working with your HR team to customize innovative solutions that can be integrated into the benefit plan design
  • Well-being and lifestyle coaching
  • Fitness testing/risk monitoring, including basic on-site fitness assessments, and monitoring weight, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure
  • Wellness program implementation and reporting to recommend next steps
  • Fitness and exercise classes
  • Fitness center equipment recommendation and management
  • Referral source to Saint Luke’s clinical and non-clinical specialty areas, including diabetes management and education, executive health management, and Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our EAP is our premier resource for services and programs related to well-being and professional development.

An Interventional Health Enhancement Coordinator (iHEC) is a Health Enhancement Coordinator who works with your organization around specific risk reduction programs that create employee engagement, often working within a shorter or specifically designed time frame.

iHEC Services

Your iHEC focuses on:

  • Ongoing program facilitation and management
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee education, communication, and supporting materials
  • Evaluation surveys
  • Pre- and post-program reports

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