LIFEWISE Health Enhancement and Wellness Solutions

Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE™ provides employers with a comprehensive toolkit of wellness solutions and options for managing employee health and costs associated with preventable conditions and unhealthy lifestyles.

Biometric and Lab Screenings

We provide a customized screening program tailored to the employer’s individual needs related to assessing clinical health risks and deliver personal attention to each employee at on-site screenings.

LIFEWISE coordinates the experts at Saint Luke’s Regional Laboratories who bring critical clinical and biometric measurements to your site. Choose from a full spectrum of laboratory tests beyond lipid panels such as A1Cs for diabetes and complete metabolic panels to detect metabolic syndrome—all at health fair rates.

You can expect true fasting results for all employees including shift workers with a fast return-to-work in only five to 10 minutes. We arrange our staff to get your employees in and out early so they can enjoy breakfast and be productive. With eHealth test results, we provide easy, anonymous online results your employees can print and share with a family physician. This retrieval method has been a favorite of employees and employers for years.

Saint Luke’s Regional Laboratories is a member of the Regional Laboratory Alliance (RLA), a network of hospital-based and physician-owned laboratories providing services throughout the Kansas City metro area. Membership in the RLA enhances our services, providing access to a broader menu of esoteric testing such as cotinine testing. LabCorp also serves as our primary reference laboratory.

Basic biometric screening components include:

  • Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, cholesterol ratio
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Waist circumference
  • BMI

Our labs have managed health screening programs and tested thousands of employees in and around the Kansas City metro area for more than 25 years. The lab’s capabilities provide customized screenings tailored to your organization’s needs.

Laboratory capabilities include:

  • Service to employers from 30 to 5,000 employees
  • On-site preventive screenings for all shifts
  • Easy online access to individual, anonymous laboratory results, and education
  • On-site testing and reporting of laboratory results
  • Qualified, certified staff
  • Patient service centers located throughout the metro area
  • Non-federal drug testing including pre-employment, for cause, and post-accident

Cardiac Health and Wellness

Managing risk can mean preventing heart events, and LIFEWISE understands the true importance of heart health for all. That is why cardiac health and wellness is a major component of our on-site services.

Heart disease is often preventable, and addressing risk factors is paramount to significantly decreasing the likelihood of a serious cardiac event. Effective education, early diagnosis, and intervention can also reduce claims and utilization costs that result from poor heart health.

Saint Luke’s created impactful on-site presentations that address risk factors and explain to your employees why these risks must be managed. Our clinical cardiology experts energize employees to follow the path to health by offering timely training presentations in conjunction with biometric and lab screenings or kicking off a population health management program.

Topics are available in a variety of formats including on-site, and include controlling hypertension, the role of belly fat in heart disease, tips for permanent weight loss, nutrition made simple, and optimizing heart health.

Employer-based Cardio Wellness Program

The Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center’s proven performance includes clinical data demonstrating improved participant compliance and reduction of cardiac events. Now, this risk impact program can be implemented on-site. Services include:

  • Education classes
  • Comprehensive risk screening and analysis
  • Consultation, diagnostics, and goal setting
  • CardioScan
  • Follow-up and accountability care

Employer-based Diabetes Disease Management Program

Bring certified diabetes educators from Saint Luke’s Diabetes Education Centers to your site and provide outcome-based diabetes education to your employees and their families. This program includes:

  • Diabetes prevention education programs—two one-hour group sessions
  • Individual one-hour diabetes assessment—pre-program clinical screening and assessment addressing a variety of educational needs
  • Diabetes self-management education classes—scheduled at Saint Luke’s Hospital Diabetes Education Center with evening classes available
  • Quarterly diabetes lunch-and-learns—small group interactive training and support
  • Case management by certified diabetes educators—personal care includes post-program clinical screening and educational assessment


We can help you promote healthier and safer places to work.

While many employees readily adapt to any workstation, these spaces are often not ideally suited for the unique needs of each of your employees. Basic equipment—including desks and chairs—should be evaluated to provide optimum alignment to prevent back problems and other preventable conditions that could result from poor or inadequate lumbar support, or unnecessary bending, twisting, or reaching.

Our experts will conduct an on-site inspection of specific work areas and provide you with a report including basic recommendations for modifications to individual workspaces and group work areas.

In addition, our staff can come to your worksite to educate your employees on preventing work-related injuries. Through your partnership with Saint Luke’s, you’ll receive information on a number of topics including proper stretching and lifting techniques.

Online Wellness Tools and Solutions

Saint Luke’s 24/7

Saint Luke’s is partnering with area employers to safeguard their bottom lines while improving employee productivity.

With Saint Luke’s 24/7, your employees will have access to affordable, convenient, virtual health care by phone, web, or mobile app.

That access can help your company:

  • Reduce health care costs while improving access to high-quality care
  • Decrease absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Give employees an added benefit that delivers a high level of patient satisfaction

Partnering with Saint Luke’s 24/7 will give your employees access to:

  • The nation’s largest combined network of telehealth providers
  • Primary care providers and pediatricians anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple modes of communication (choose from video, phone, or mobile app)

Find out more about Saint Luke’s 24/7 by contacting or 816-931-3073.

Health Library

Our Health Library offers information on everything from diseases and conditions to nutrition and exercise to surgeries and procedures.

Learn more about Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE at 816-932-3899 or email

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