LIFEWISE Employee Assistance Program

Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE™ Employee Assistance Program provides expertise to assist your employees across Kansas City and around the globe. Our EAP program partners with companies seeking solutions for common workplace issues including:

  • Preventing personal problems employees are facing from having a negative impact in the workplace
  • Effectively managing high-risk situations
  • Developing leaders to effectively manage conflict
  • Proactively addressing rising health care costs and unhealthy behaviors
  • Developing workplace skills necessary to compete, adapt, and promote well-being

We customize services and innovative solutions to produce positive outcomes, which have included:

  • Increasing managers’ confidence and skill in dealing with attendance, performance, and behavior issues by as much as 70 percent through EAP consultation
  • Training employees in skills to be more effective professionally and personally
  • Counseling employees facing personal problems to decrease negative impact in the workplace; 91 percent of clients report improved focus at work and 78 percent report improved productivity
  • Assisting almost 80 percent of those seeking counseling within the short-term EAP counseling model, thereby negating the need to use their health care plans

Coaching Services

Coaching services are custom-designed to be available on-site and by telephone for leaders, individuals, and teams.

Individual coaching
Our experience has demonstrated that making a commitment to change, employing a combination of techniques, and working with a coach can contribute significantly to a person’s success in getting from where they are to where they want to be.

Individual coaching provides on-site and telephonic coaching to assist employees with a number of important issues, including:

  • Improving or maintaining well-being
  • Organizing and managing time more effectively
  • Planning for a life change
  • Adapting to new job responsibilities or career changes
  • Moving forward on an important personal or professional issue

Coaching can be provided at the workplace, in our offices in the Kansas City metro area, or by telephone. It can be part of an organization’s overall wellness initiative or a special opportunity for employees to meet with a professional from the EAP confidentially.

Team coaching
Through 25 years of interviewing, coaching, and educating people to make healthy changes, Saint Luke’s EAP staff can leverage its experience to help teams become more effective and sustain change.

Our services are available to leaders and teams and provided on-site.

Team coaching is provided upon request when a group:

  • Has been identified as needing additional support to manage change
  • Is dealing with conflict
  • Wants to develop better teamwork

We assist teams by:

  • Offering a variety of individual and team assessments
  • Conducting training modules on teamwork, collaboration, conflict resolution, respect, building trust, and other topics
  • Providing ongoing team coaching sessions and monitoring progress toward their agreed-upon goals

Education and training

We train thousands of leaders and employees each year in more than 60 core training topics. Our most-requested on-site or webinar training modules include:

Health and productivity—Resilience, stamina and energy, sleep and rest, smoking cessation and changing behaviors, creating healthy habits

Leadership development—Trust, engagement, teambuilding, “Twenty Things Leaders Need to Stop Doing,” promoting creativity and innovation, and coaching skills to build accountability

Personal and professional development—Conflict management, respect and civility, professionalism, relating to people we find difficult, and our Getting Things Done series

Family education series—Healthy marriage, parent education for families with toddlers, children, and adolescents, and our three-part eldercare series

Learn more about Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE training presentations.

Counseling services

Sometimes life gets complicated and we just need to talk. The EAP is here to listen. We offer a network of experienced, master’s-level behavioral health professionals with more than 40,000 locations globally.

The Saint Luke’s EAP is designed to assist covered employees and their family members with:

  • Stress management
  • Family and marriage concerns
  • Work-related difficulties
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Financial issues

Our satisfaction surveys show that most people report their situations have improved with EAP short-term counseling within 30 days and that those who have used the EAP are pleased with our concern for confidentiality and would recommend our services to others.

Critical incident stress management

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation defines critical incident stress as an event that causes unusually strong emotional reactions with the potential to interfere with one’s ability to function normally.

Saint Luke’s EAP has a unique capacity to respond to emergency situations should a workplace trauma occur. All of our clinicians are trained in critical incident stress management and we offer our expertise for consultation, debriefing, defusing, and other on-site trauma management services.

For critical incidents outside the local area, we contract with a premier crisis care services organization to provide on-site response in a timely and professional manner nationwide.


Ensuring client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Records are maintained and information communicated in accordance with federal and state guidelines, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All of Saint Luke’s personnel complete annual training on privacy policies, business ethics, and other applicable topics.

Employees from the same organization are systematically scheduled at different times of the day or week to ensure their privacy at our EAP offices. 

To learn more about Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE™ Employee Assistance Program, call 816-931-3073 or 800-327-1223 or email