Hearts of Addicted Loved Ones (HALO)

The Hearts of Addicted Loved Ones (HALO) support group offers understanding, compassion, and community for those who have lost someone to substance use disorder.

When you lose a loved one due to alcohol or drug use, others may treat this loss differently than a death from another cause. 

Oftentimes, we suffer not only the death of the person we love, but we become isolated in our grief. Sometimes, we feel no one understands our pain. 

At HALO, you can connect and find support from others who have experienced similar losses. While the pain may always be with you, you don’t have to walk the road alone. 

Join us at HALO to:

  • Discuss your loved one without judgment
  • Talk, laugh, and cry with others who understand
  • Meet experts who can help you work through complicated emotions

Saint Luke’s and First Call partner to facilitate HALO. First Call offers clinical and prevention services for substance use disorder.

First Call provides additional resources for individuals and families dealing with alcohol and drug use, including a crisis call line, classes, and resource referral assistance. Visit firstcallkc.org for more information.