Saint Luke’s Hospital’s Day Rehab Program is designed to continue the level of therapy a patient experienced during inpatient rehab or to provide the next level of rehab for patients who utilized home-based therapy. In this way, day rehab serves as a bridge from inpatient to outpatient therapy.

Day rehab is sometimes recommended as a jump-start for patients who are within a year of having a stroke or who may be having another medical difficulty and need the intensity of the program to regain function.

The average length of therapy is four to six weeks. Patients can expect to receive three to five days of individual or group therapy per week.

Day rehab field trips

Patients often use day rehab to begin reintegrating into the community. Therapists and patients go on field trips to practice specific tasks, including grocery shopping, handling money, navigating different environments, and dealing with judgment issues. If returning to work is the goal, therapists may accompany a patient to the workplace and make recommendations to adapt the patient’s work station to his or her specific needs.

Participating in day rehab

All patients who participate in Saint Luke's Day Rehab Program are responsible for:

  • Family and caregiver education orientation—Family members and caregivers are encouraged to attend therapy sessions. On the first day, a family member or caregiver must be present for a minimum of two hours for orientation.
  • Equipment—Patients should bring their own devices and supplies, such as walkers, canes, wheelchairs, attends, catheters, etc.
  • Meals—Patients should bring their own lunch or money to purchase lunch in the hospital cafeteria.
  • Medications—At admission, a current list of all medications is required. Patients should bring any medications that need to be taken during therapy hours.
  • Transportation—Families are encouraged to arrange transportation with our assistance and guidance.

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