Update on Women’s Health Services in Leavenworth

Warning message

Saint Luke’s Women’s Health Cushing has closed. Please see below for additional information.

Saint Luke’s Women’s Health Cushing closed effective Aug. 29. We invite patients to reschedule at one of our other Saint Luke's Women's Health clinics.

Schedule an appointment

Saint Luke’s Women’s Health North: Call 816-880-1025

Saint Luke’s Women’s Health South: Call 913-323-9000

Please be assured that your care and health are our top priorities, and this change will not impact that care. We have board-certified OB-GYNs at all our Saint Luke’s Women’s Health clinic locations who are available to you and who have immediate access to your medical record.

Impacted patients are being contacted to reschedule upcoming appointments. Or patients can call the above numbers to reschedule at another of our Women’s Health clinic locations at a time that is convenient for you.

Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital Maternity Center update

Why has the decision been made to stop delivering at Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital?

As an essential part of Saint Luke’s newly established North Region, Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital shares leadership and a similar geographical area with Saint Luke’s North Hospital, whose Barry Road location sits just 25 minutes down the road from Leavenworth. This structure enables us to truly match the services we offer at our hospitals with the services our communities are using. In certain circumstances, this means consolidating some of our services into one location, so we can focus our resources in the most needed areas.

Over the past several years, the number of babies we have delivered at Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital has steadily declined, so we have made the decision to stop delivering at that location as of Aug. 6. With this change, we will focus on the services our patients are most often seeking in Leavenworth. At the same time, Saint Luke’s North Hospital–Barry Road will have the opportunity to serve families across an even greater geographical area.

What happens if I am supposed to deliver my baby on or after Aug. 7?

We are working directly with patients who are scheduled to deliver over the next few months to coordinate their care plans. Saint Luke’s North Hospital–Barry Road Maternity Center will have the opportunity to serve families across a greater geographical area. Moms-to-be can deliver in a spacious, up-to-date labor-and-delivery area with advanced medical technology and a highly trained staff—all in a facility recently voted “Best Place to Deliver a Baby” by KC Parent Magazine

In addition to our Barry Road location, we are also providing information about Saint Luke’s South Hospital Birth & Women's Center—especially for moms-to-be who want to deliver in Kansas and stay within Saint Luke’s.

What if I have an emergency?

The emergency room at Saint Luke’s Cushing Hospital is always available for any emergent need.

What if I have additional questions that are not addressed here?

We are working directly with patients who are scheduled to deliver over the next few months to coordinate their care plans. All other impacted patients will receive both a letter and a call from Saint Luke’s with information about next steps. For any additional questions, please contact our Maternity Care Coordinator at 816-880-6227.