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KSHB: One in Seven Women Experience Postpartum Depression

June 12, 2019

About one in seven women experience postpartum depression. Every woman who has a child is at risk, regardless of her birth experience and support at home.

Dr. Rebecca Lobell, an OB/GYN at Saint Luke's East Hospital, talked to Cynthia Newsome on KSHB's Midday show about the various warning signs and how to treat it. 

"At Saint Luke's, we really focus on that [screening for postpartum depression]," Lobell said. "We do that upon discharge, so we try to identify them right away before they leave the hospital and get them in early. We also do it at their six-week postpartum visit."

Saint Luke's Women's Health East offers a free Postpartum Support Group that meets twice a month. The support group is open to the public with childcare provided. Call 816-932-5100 to register.

Watch the full interview below.

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