KCUR: Youth Sports Injuries

May 29, 2019

Increased participation in year-round sports is leading to new sets of injury issues in young athletes.

KCUR talked to Dr. Randall Goldstein, a pediatrician and sports injury specialist with Saint Luke's Health System, about "Little League Shoulder"-- one injury doctors are seeing more often. 

"Little League Shoulder" is an injury that happens in young overhand athletes, who put too much stress on their shoulders or elbows without taking a break. Goldstein said it happens in baseball, softball, gymnastics, and some track and field events like javelin and shot put.

"I think that we're having less fun and having more competition," Goldstein said. "And when we can reverse that equation to having more fun and the concentration is less on competition, we'll get more wins in the end."

Listen to the full KCUR segment below.

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