KCTV: Back injuries common among gymnasts

August 9, 2019

As the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships are in Kansas City, KCTV talked to one Saint Luke's physician about a common injury among gymnasts.

Roughly 65 to 85 percent of female and male gymnasts experience low back pain, according to a study in the journal Current Sports Medicine Reports

Noah Adams, a 14-year-old competitive gymnast, started having significant back pain a couple of years ago. It was so severe, he had a hard time standing up straight and difficulty sleeping.

His coach sent him to Dr. Randall Goldstein, a pediatrician and sports injury specialist with Saint Luke's, who confirmed Noah had spondylolysisone of the common causes of back pain in athletes.

"It's a hard sport," said Dr. Goldstein. "Injuries are part of every sport—back pain, especially, in gymnastics because of all the extension that's needed to succeed."

Watch KCTV's story below.

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