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FOX4: Rising pediatric trend of video game injuries has gamers, physicians weighing in

August 27, 2019

Video game consoles are almost as common in American households as microwave ovens. A recent study found 150 million homes in the U.S. have the consoles, many of which are used by minors.

FOX4 talked to doctors and gamers around the Kanas City area about a new pediatric trend showing injuries while gaming are becoming more common.

"Your posture is important," said Dr. Randall Goldstein, a pediatrician and sports injury specialist with Saint Luke's "If you have bad posture or a slumped-over posture—like using your cell phone, computer, or gaming for hours and hours—certainly you'll see injuries coming up with bad posture, neck pain, and back pain. But what's most common is probably wrist and thumb injuries."

But there are some possible benefits to playing video games too.  

See those and more concerns doctors voiced, as well as what local gamers are doing to prevent injuries, in the full story below.

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