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Everyone has a story to tell about how their health care journey has been life changing. And sharing that story can be inspiring and encouraging to others.

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At Saint Luke’s, our goal is to you get back to the life you love. We would love to hear how the care you received at Saint Luke’s Health System
helped you regain strength, find hope, helped you heal, and got you back to living your best life.

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Patient Stories

Overcoming Hearing Loss, Mighty Melody Continues Writing her Own Song
Melody Unger loves to fill the world with sound. If the spirited 8-year-old isn’t singing, she’s humming, playing the drums, asking questions, or playing make-believe. But for the first two years of her life, Melody lived in silence.
Two-Time Heart Transplant Recipient Becomes a Mother of Two
Mindy Corbin had the same hopes for her future that many women have. Hear how she didn't let two heart transplants stand in the way of creating the future she envisioned.
A Family of Fighters: Lynn’s Early Detection Story
Lynn vividly remembers how she felt when she found out she had stage 2 breast cancer at age 44, shortly after cancer claimed her sister’s life.
93 Years Young: Bettie’s Secret to a Long Life
After suffering a heart attack, Bettie B. started coming to the SHAPE Fitness Center to stay active. More than 20 years later, she credits exercise for her long life.
From Miss Missouri to Miss Stone, Erica Educates Others on Epilepsy
Erica Stone started having seizures when she was just 3 years old. Through her roles as Miss Missouri and teacher, she developed a passion for educating children and adults on epilepsy to help lessen the stigma.
Pregnant with Breast Cancer: Laura’s Early Detection Story
After noticing a lump her breast, Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer just nine weeks into her pregnancy with her second child.
UMKC Med School Leader Has Firsthand Knowledge of Broken Heart Syndrome
After ending up in the hospital with a stress-induced heart issue, Louise stayed optimistic and made lifestyle changes to turn her health around.
Innovative Valve-in-Valve Procedure Allows Mother to be More Active
Jersita Samo had been dealing with heart issues for half her lifetime when it got to the point where she could not do her typical day-to-day activities.
Heart Pump is One Tool Cardiologist Used to Help Save Area Sheriff's Life
As the sheriff of Livingston County, Steve Cox was used to calamities happening … to someone else. The 52-year-old was seeking a fifth term in office when his own heart stopped beating.
Broken Heart Syndrome Leads to Personal Health Campaign
After dealing with a scary episode and overcoming her own heart issues, Dixie started an effort to educate the women in her life about heart attacks.
Saint Luke’s Heart Transplant Recipient Becomes World, U.S. Transplant Games Medalist
Barb Sheble is the picture of health as a Transplant Games competitor, but it has been a long and bumpy road to get to this point, with no shortage of perseverance.
Brain Injury Patient says she had 'Angels' Looking Over Her
What began as a middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom turned into a nightmare—and then a miracle—for 83-year-old Chillicothe resident Shirley Eskew.
The BariGirls
After losing a combined total of 305lbs, with the help of bariatric weight-loss surgery, a mother/daughter duo are helping other bariatric patients navigate the waters of their new healthy lives.
Watchman Implant Device May Have Saved Toymaker’s Life
Nearly 20 years ago, Carl learned he had an irregular heartbeat. He was given the Watchman device that later may have saved his life.
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery allows Don to celebrate his 60th anniversary with family – without back pain
For many years, Don suffered from severe back pain. After exploring options he came to Saint Luke's and had a minimally invasive spine procedure that took all his back pain away.
Saint Luke's Hospice House Brings Comfort to Roscoe's Family during his End of Life Journey
When it was Roscoe's family's decision on what his end of life journey looked like, they decided to come to Saint Luke's Hospice House. Hear how their Hospice House experience helped everyone in the family.
Staying Disciplined With His Cardiac Rehab Has Helped Eugene Stay on the Go
At 88, he is now a retired lawyer, a co-founder of the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra and is no stranger to the halls of Saint Luke’s Hospital. Hear what Gene contributes his longevity and healthy life to.
Dean finds immediate relief from back pain through minimally invasive surgery
For 5 months Dean experienced pain like a “toothache,” a dull, constant pain on his left side. He felt tingling, numbness, and a buzzing sensation. Then, he came to Saint Luke's, and it all changed.
Tim's new “Super Power” put an end to his Essential Tremors
Tim's life was taken over when his essential tremors became severe. An appointment with a Saint Luke's Specialist changed how he now lives life.
Parkinson's Couldn't Stop Barry
"It was frustrating, and I thought that was just the way life was going to be," Barry Blank said. Read his about journey with Parkinson's and about the procedure that changed his life.
A routine screening helped save Fabian
Fabian Hardy has been healthy all his life: he served in the military, he consistently ate well – including fruits and vegetables – exercised, saw his doctor regularly and had a clean bill of health.
Andrew Found Relief at Saint Luke’s as Heart Transplant Patient #745
Transposition of the great arteries is a rare heart defect that causes the heart to pump non-oxygenated blood to the body. Hear Andrew's story of finding a new life.
New Device Helps Musician’s Congestive Heart Failure
Trial device helps Seabrun “Candy” Hunter’s worn heart valve pump at a steady beat.
Kidney Transplant Gives Jamont Newfound Freedom
Three days a week, three hours a day, for 12 years—Jamont Clayton spent roughly 5,616 hours of his life attached to a kidney dialysis machine.
The Perfect Kidney Transplant Match
Emery Stone was in total kidney failure. And that’s when everything changed. Not only for Emery, but for the entire Stone family. 
Heart Attack Doesn’t Stop This Father From Hearing Daughter Say, “I Do”
The bride wore white. The father of the bride wore a blue floral hospital gown and electrodes. Hear how Saint Luke's made sure he could attend the wedding.
Grandmother of eight, baseball fanatic, breast cancer patient
Reconnecting with a former high school classmate turned out to be a saving grace in Lori’s life.
Stroke Reversal Gives Grandmother a Second Act
Maggie knew something was terribly wrong when she arrived to pick up her “Nannie” for their weekly coffee outing.
Deafness Can’t Quiet Mighty Melody
Melody spent 136 days in the NICU. She didn't respond to sound. Read about her journey to be able to finally hear.
New mother, former Chiefs cheerleader, breast cancer patient
The statistic is sobering: One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Brandy Reed was a newlywed and a new mom to 4-month-old Jackson when her life took a completely unexpected turn.
Saint Luke’s Vein Clinic Gets Kickboxer’s Legs in Fighting Form
Shanon Wolfe's varicose vein troubles were more than cosmetic. Although her legs didn’t hurt at the end of the day, more and more often they felt heavy and tired. It began interfering with her kickboxing.
Mother of two, singer of hymns, breast cancer patient
The 37-year-old Chillicothe wife and mother had two active teen boys, a full-time job, and had recently returned to college for to earn dual majors in business administration and organizational leadership. Then one day she felt a lump in her breast.
Two surgical Teams Save Pregnant Mom With Marfan Syndrome
Beth O’Connor hoped the sharp, searing pain that started in her chest and shot down to her belly was labor pangs and not her aortic artery coming apart.
Retired science teacher, cup-half-full seeker, breast cancer patient
The statistic is sobering: One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Ruby Walker was 47 years old when a doctor discovered a lump during a wellness exam.
After nine lung doctors, James Seymore finds relief in rehab at Saint Luke’s East Hospital
For three decades, breathing troubles followed James Seymore as he and his wife moved from one place to another. Hear how getting a tenth opinion changed his life.
Sallie Wickens is Back in the Saddle Thanks to Saint Luke’s
As Sallie Wickens boarded the LifeFlight helicopter in Climax Springs, Missouri, in June 2012, she had no idea it would be the last leg of a journey that started when she was 5 years old.
Fast Care Gets Golfer Back on Course
Every second of a stroke kills 32,000 brain cells. Pete Woods knew that as he dropped to the ground while playing golf on the course alone.
Saint Luke’s Helps Stage IV Colon Cancer Patient Stay in the Game
As 37-year-old Diamon Masterson watched his doctor study his CT scan results, he could tell from a puff of air that escaped the doctor’s mouth that the news was bad.
Wife’s Demand Saves Husband’s Life

Just before his 60th birthday, Joe VonHolt was lunching with his wife, Bev, when he had a bout of what he thought was indigestion.

TAVR: Sisters get Innovative Treatment at Saint Luke’s
Saint Luke’s dedication to research means more patients have alternatives to care—like Hilda Lankard and Agnes Lickteig.
Some Nerve, Radio Frequency Technology Gives Wellington Woman Relief From Intractable Pain
For three years, Linda Braxdale endured throbbing pain in her lower back and down her left leg. The pain and frustration often left her feeling helpless and defeated—and reduced to tears.
School Project May Have Saved Student’s Life, Thanks to Saint Luke’s
Like most high school seniors, Samsson Destahun was more interested in sports than health care. Hear how a school project may have saved his life and given him more interest in health care at the same time.
STAR Program®: Rehab Helps Cancer Patient get Back in the Game

Surviving cancer wasn’t an ambitious enough goal for Rebecca Johnson. The Children’s Mercy Hospital psychologist wanted her energy back.

Special screening uncovers potentially fatal problem in a ‘healthy’ young executive
Joel DeBoer could have been a model for a fitness ad. The active father of three teenagers felt great and enjoyed biking, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing with his family.